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Galop’s statement on potential changes to the Gender Recognition Act

On the 9th January 2023, the Minister for Women and Equalities made a written statement to Parliament detailing a proposed Statutory Instrument to the Gender Recognition Act. If implemented, this would restrict trans+ people’s ability to have their Gender Recognition certificate recognised in the UK if it is has been issued by countries that allow GRCs based on self-identification. 

This is a concerning step and one that Galop believes is unnecessary and damaging. The UK has recognised GRCs from countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand for years and ending this will have a detrimental impact on trans+ people’s lives.  

The 2021 census data released last week showed that around 262,000 people in England and Wales (0.5% of the population) are a different gender to the one they were assigned at birth, with further data from Scotland’s census yet to be released. At Galop, we’re hearing from escalating numbers of LGBT+ victims of violence and abuse from across the UK who are fearful of living openly as trans+ in the current anti-trans environment. 

The priority for the UK Government at this time should be on making positive changes to improve the safety and wellbeing of trans people, not making their lives more difficult. We strongly urge Parliament not to progress this Statutory Instrument into law and to take steps to ensure that trans+ people, and the wider LGBT+ community, are adequately protected from harm.  


Published: 11th January 2023