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British retail giant Lush and Galop come together to show realities of conversion therapy

We’re so excited to team up with Lush to reveal the reality of so-called ‘conversion therapy’ in the UK and call for an immediate and inclusive ban. 


Galop and Lush’s new animation show the stories of real survivors of conversion practices. You can learn more about Joe, Alex and Grace’s stories here: weare.lush.com/have-a-heart-campaign/


Across Lush’s 101 stores in the UK, images of Joe, Alex and Grace will feature in the window, along with Galop’s logo and helpline details. 


Galop’s new research with YouGov shows that nearly 1 in 5 (18%) of LGBT+ people in the UK have been subjected to someone trying to change, ‘cure’ or suppress their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s time our whole community is protected from this abuse.  


We’re calling on members of the public to visit Lush’s website to send a ‘Valentine’s Day card’ to their MP, asking the MP to make their position on the protection of all LGBT+ people in this Bill clear. You can show your support and write to your MP today: weare.lush.com/have-a-heart-campaign/


Lush have also produced a limited-edition heart-shaped ‘wash card’ with the words “Proud to love you” alongside the campaign: lush.com/uk/en/c/ban-conversion-therapy  


Money from the sales of this product (minus the VAT) will be donated to Galop to contribute to our support services for LGBT+ people experiencing so-called ‘conversion therapy’ and other forms of abuse.  


Leni Morris, Galop’s CEO, said: “We’re incredibly grateful to Lush and to everyone supporting this campaign to finally get so-called ‘conversion therapy’ banned in this country. 

Five years ago, the UK Government promised to ban conversion practices. With each day that passes, more of our community are being left at risk. We know that 1 in 5 LGBT+ people in the UK experience someone trying to change, ‘cure’ or suppress their identity, so we need the whole community to be protected from this abuse.  


Galop has been working with victims and survivors of conversion practices for many years, and we know effects of this abuse can be lifelong. It’s time that all LGBT+ people are protected, with no one left behind. 


Galop’s National Conversion Therapy Helpline is available for anyone personally affected by conversion practices, as well as anyone worried about someone in their life.” 


Jonnie Hatfield, Lush PR & LGBTQIA+ Community Network Member, said: “This campaign truly comes from the heart of Lush. With many of our staff identifying as LGBT+*, bringing an end to so-called ‘conversion therapy’ is a cause we are passionate about.


Working with the LGBT+ anti-abuse charity Galop gave us the perfect opportunity to bring this issue to the public’s attention and call on the government to have a heart and enact vital legislation to protect LGBT+ people across the UK from abuse.” 


If you think you, or someone you know, might be experiencing conversion therapy, the National Conversion Therapy Helpline is available by phone at 0800 999 5428, by email at help@galop.org.uk, or via webchat at galop.org.uk. 


Published: 9th February 2023