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National Helpline for LGBT+ Victims and Survivors of Abuse and Violence0800 999 5428

Email help@galop.org.uk

Types of abuse

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is any kind of abusive behaviour committed by a family member or current or ex intimate partner.

Sexual violence

Sexual violence covers a range of sexual acts that happen to someone without their consent.

Hate crime

Anti-LGBT+ hate crime is abuse or violence committed against someone because of their orientation or gender identity.

Conversion therapies or conversion practices

Conversion therapy is any practice that tries to change or supress someone's orientation or gender identity.

Honour-based abuse

Anti-LGBT+ honour-based abuse is abuse committed against someone because it is felt that their orientation or gender identity brings 'shame' on their family or on their community.

Forced marriage

Forced marriage when someone is made to marry someone they don't want to.

Other forms of abuse

More information on other forms of abuse.