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Honour-based abuse

Honour-based abuse against LGBT+ people happens when family/community members disapprove of a person’s orientation or gender identity, feeling it brings ‘shame’ on their family or community. Honour-based abuse can take the form of a range of abusive behaviours and practices. 

The abuse often involves a number of family/community members, can be perpetrated by both men and women, and may be committed with the knowledge or approval of the wider family or community. 

Anti-LGBT+ honour-based abuse happens in all cultures, nationalities, faith groups, and communities. 

Honour-based abuse can include assault, emotional abuse, coercive control, humiliation, controlling access to external support from friends or their school/workplace, preventing LGBT+ people from accessing LGBT+ networks and support, controlling how someone looks and what they wear, cruelty and neglect, and more. It can include practices linked to faith and belief, and also involve forced marriage, so-called ‘corrective rape’, kidnap, false imprisonment and even murder. 

Honour-based abuse is serious but the risks for LGBT+ children and adults are often not assessed properly. It is a more widespread problem for LGBT+ children and young adults than is currently acknowledged. 

LGBT+ identity and abuse linked to Faith and Belief

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