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National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 999 5428

LGBT+ Hate Crime Helpline 020 7704 2040


National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline  

Our helpline is for LGBT+ people who have or are experiencing domestic abuse. We are also here for people supporting a survivor of domestic abuse; friends, families and those working with a survivor.  

There are different ways to contact us. All of them are free: 

Phone 0800 9995428 

Email help@galop.org.uk  

The helpline is open: 

Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm 

Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 8:00pm 


The webchat is available: 

Wednesday and Thursday 5pm – 8pm 

We are open 5 days a week and closed at weekends and on bank holidays. We will call you back if you can’t get through to us the first time. 


The chatbot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for those who do not need immediate help.  


LGBT+ Hate Crime Helpline 

If you’ve experienced anti-LGBT+ violence, abuse or harassment, and need a safe space to talk, our LGBT+ Hate Crime Helpline is here for you. You can talk to our helpline team about insults, intimidation, threats, online abuse or violence targeting you because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. 

We are open: 

Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm  

Phone: 0207 7042040 

Email: HateCrime@galop.org.uk 

Calls are charged at the standard UK rate. You can email us requesting a call back to avoid call charges.  


What you can expect when you make contact with us: 


  •  You can expect to be responded to by another LGBT+ person who has training and experience in working with LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse.  
  • We will listen to you, suggest options and empower you to take steps for your future.  
  • You can speak to our service in confidence and without judgement, we won’t tell you what to do or pressure you, we are here to listen.  
  • We will help you find ways to stay safe from the abuse.  
  • We can provide you with information about your rights and options  
  • We can help you with contacting local LGBT+ and domestic abuse services who can offer further support  
  • We will recognise your strengths and the efforts you make to prevent and minimise harm to you, your family and your pets. 


Translation services are available to those who do not have English as a first language.  


I really appreciated speaking to you yesterday. You are the first person to whom I have told the full story of this abuse, and you really helped me. I can’t overstate how important it was, that morning, that you were on the other end of the line, and that you were so kind, considerate and helpful. Thank you — it really made a difference.

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