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National Helpline for LGBT+ Victims and Survivors of Abuse and Violence0800 999 5428

Email help@galop.org.uk


Our helpline is for LGBT+ people experiencing abuse or violence, such as hate crime, domestic abuse, sexual violence, so-called “conversion therapy” or any other kind of abuse.

The Galop Helpline is here to offer you emotional support, provide information and can help you to explore your options, depending on your needs. 

How can I contact the helpline? 

There are lots of different ways to contact us. All of them are free:  

You could call us on 0800 999 5428.

You can email help@galop.org.uk at any time.  

Our team are available via webchat, where you can also get support and information about your situation. Webchat is mobile friendly, so it doesn’t need to be on a computer. 

Alternatively, if you’re not ready to talk to someone yet, you can use our helpful chatbot to access information and resources. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you don’t need any immediate help.  

When are you open? 

Monday – Thursday, 10am to 8pm 

Friday, 10am to 4:00pm 

Please note we’ll be closed during bank holidays.

What types of issues can I call the helpline about?  

Our LGBT+ Helpline Advisors are trained and experienced in supporting with different types of abuse and violence, including: 

Domestic Abuse  

Our helpline is for LGBT+ people who have or are experiencing domestic abuse. We are also here for people supporting a survivor of domestic abuse; friends, families and those working with a survivor.   

Hate Crime 

If you’ve experienced anti-LGBT+ violence, abuse or harassment, and need a safe space to talk, our helpline is here for you. You can talk to our helpline team about insults, intimidation, threats, online abuse or violence targeting you because of your sexual orientation or gender identity.  

Sexual Abuse, Rape and Violence 

Sexual abuse, rape or sexual violence is when someone is forced, pressured or tricked into taking part in any kind of sexual activity with another person. It could be online or in person, and it can happen to anyone. Rape and sexual assault are types of sexual violence, as well as sexual harassment. If this is happening to you, or you are worried about someone else that might be experiencing this, then our trained Helpline Advisors are here for you. We can help you explore your options, understand your situation and discuss your next steps.

Conversion Therapy 

If you are currently experiencing abuse aimed at changing, altering, or ‘curing’ your LGBT+ identity, or think this will happen to you if you come out, our helpline is here for you. So-called “conversion therapy” can have a long-term impact on LGBT+ people. If this has happened to you in the past and you are still struggling with it, you can reach out to Galop’s support services. The helpline can provide a safe, confidential listening and information service to any LGBT+ person aged 13+.   


What you can expect when you make contact with us: 

  • You can expect to be responded to by another LGBT+ person who has training and experience in working with LGBT+ survivors of abuse and violence. 
  • We will listen to you, explore options and empower you to take steps for your future.   
  • You can speak to our service in confidence and without judgement, we won’t tell you what to do or pressure you, we are here to listen.   
  • We will help you find ways to stay safe from the abuse.   
  • We can provide you with information about your rights and options. 
  • We can help you with contacting local LGBT+ services who can offer further support. 
  • We will recognise your strengths and the efforts you make to prevent and minimise harm to you, your family and your pets. 

Are you a confidential service? 

Our helpline is a confidential service. We won’t share what you tell us with anyone else unless we think that something might seriously endanger yourself or someone else. Wherever possible, we will always talk to you about this and discuss your options with you so you stay in control.  

We can only share what we know about you but will actively try and keep you safe if we think you are not able to keep yourself safe.  

Your confidentiality is really important to us and we will not break confidentiality without serious thought and consideration around if it’s needed.  

If you want any more information about our confidentiality policy, you can ask one of our advisors to explain it in more detail for you when you contact us.  

Translation services are available to those who do not have English as a first language and would prefer to speak in their native language.  When you call, please let us know what language you would feel most comfortable speaking to us in.


I really appreciated speaking to you yesterday. You are the first person to whom I have told the full story of this abuse, and you really helped me. I can’t overstate how important it was, that morning, that you were on the other end of the line, and that you were so kind, considerate and helpful. Thank you — it really made a difference.

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