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    You, the LGBTQ+ Survivors forum users, will be making the posts and driving conversations on the forum and we want to facilitate this as much as we can. For reasons of safety and wellbeing though, we may sometimes do what is called ‘moderation’ where we do not approve a post to be visible on the forum or edit posts before they are visible. When you make a post, you’ll see it on the forum, awaiting moderation, but no one else will see it yet.  

    Why has my post/reply been edited? The main reason we will edit a post is if you reveal information about yourself that might identify you and therefore put you at risk if someone saw your post (because the forum posts are all publicly visible). We will remove that information but leave the rest of your post as you wrote it, if we can. 

    Why hasn’t my post/reply been approved? If we don’t approve your post, it won’t be visible on the forum and we will e-mail you to explain why. It may be because it goes against our Community Guidelines. 

    Why has my post been reported? Sometimes we are happy to let a post be visible on the forum, but another user reports it for some reason. When this happens, we will review it to see if it goes against our guidelines and we may discuss it with you and the person who reported it. We may also resolve the report without doing anything if we don’t see anything concerning about the post. 

    Why can’t I delete my posts/the discussion I started? The forum software doesn’t allow users to delete their posts/discussions. If you’d like a post deleted, please e-mail us to request this explaining why. If you’re unhappy with the way a discussion is going in response to something you posted, you can e-mail us to close the thread so no new posts can be made on it (we are unlikely to delete it if it contains replies from other users). Ideally we would like to leave up as many posts and discussions as we can, so others can read the forum and benefit from them, but if you’re fearful for your safety because of something you’ve shared on the forum, please tell us. 

     As always, you can contact us at help@galop.org.uk if you’re having problems. Please put ‘forum’ in the subject so that we reply quickly.  

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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