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    As we create a space here that allows you to talk about your experiences and get support from people who understand what you’ve been through, we want to ensure this happens without risk to you or others. We do this through moderating the posts on the forum to ensure no information is shared that could identify you or anyone else.  

    You can also keep yourself safer in a variety of ways while you use the forum: 

    We have an ‘exit site’ button on every page that allows you to leave the page quickly and go to google.com should someone be looking over your shoulder while you view the forum. Bear in mind that if you’re in the middle of writing a post and you leave, and then click ‘back’ you may come back to the same post. 

    If you’ve been inactive on the site for 20 minutes, it will automatically log you out. This ensures no one if your life can find your username and link your posts on the site to your identity. We’d encourage you to log out and close the internet browser window each time you finish using the forum.  

    Finally, we’d always encourage you to think more generally about digital safety – who might be able to access your phone, computer and e-mail, and what might they be able to see if they did? What can you delete or disguise so that you have the freedom to use your devices as you choose?  

    This advice from Women’s Aid explains more about how you can do this – https://www.womensaid.org.uk/cover-your-tracks-online/. You’re also welcome to contact our helpline for advice about this – 0800 999 5428 / help@galop.org.uk 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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