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    If you’re having technical problems:

    • If you’re able to, you can ask us questions about how things work and why something seems to not be working for you on the forum itself, in our ‘How to make the most of the forum’ section 
    • If you’re having issues with reading the forum as a non-member or with registration, or you’re a member but can’t login or post, e-mail help@galop.org.uk and use the subject line ‘Forum problem’. This ensures it gets forwarded to the right member of the team to deal with 
    • Please try to include in the e-mail or post: 
      • What you were trying to do and what happened instead 
      • When the issue happened 
      • A screenshot of what you could see when the issue happened, if possible 
      • Any error messages you could see 
      • The type of device you were using (phone or tablet/laptop/computer) 

    If you’re concerned about another forum user or a conversation has taken an upsetting turn, or someone is violating community guidelines, you can: 

    • Click ‘Report’ at the top right of the post or reply that concerns you. You then select the reason for reporting it, and then click ‘Report’ again to send it to us. It should then be marked as ‘Reported’. We will see this and then respond appropriately. We will try to contact and help anyone in distress. 
    • E-mail help@galop.org.uk, using the subject line ‘Forum problem’:
      • Link to the post, or posts, that worry you, and include your username. Or if you can’t link to them, tell us which part of the forum they’re in and the username of the person posting.  
      • Don’t forget to add what about them worries you – it may not be obvious to us

    We will aim to respond to any issues within 48 hours, if not sooner.  

    If anyone e-mails us from a different e-mail than they use for the forum (or they are not registered on the forum) we will not confirm to them who is or isn’t a forum member, but we will still check out what they’ve told us and make sure everyone is OK.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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