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    Here’s a few ways to find out what’s being discussed on the forum and how to find support or information useful to you:

    • Click on a forum section heading or a topic heading (‘topics’ are grouped under ‘forums’), which will appear in green, to see the topics in that forum or the discussion within that topic 
    • Look at ‘Recent replies’ and ‘Recent topics’ listed at the bottom of each page in the green footer section 
    • On the home page, look at ‘Latest Activity’ (on the left-hand side) and below this ‘Most popular topics’ 
    • Login and go to your account if you have one (click on ‘Profile’ in the green header at the top of the page). Click on ‘Activity’ in the menu going across the top of the page. This will show you all the posts you have made in the forum. If you click on the topic title (e.g. ‘Introduce yourself) you will be taken to that discussion and then you can see who else has contributed to that topic. 
    • Subscribe to an area of the forum
      • When you’re in a section of the forum (e.g. ‘How to make the most of the forum’), you can subscribe to that forum by clicking ‘Subscribe’ which is found at the top right of the white section of the page, above the pale blue bar and to the left of the red ‘Exit Site’ button.
      • When you are subscribed, if you visit your user profile, then go to ‘Forums’ in the menu, and then ‘Subscriptions’ below that, which will show you the forum areas you have subscribed to so that you can go directly to them. Any topics you have started will also be there.
      • See our post How do I manage my user profile? for more information on how to use your account to get the most out of the forum.  
    • Search for keywords that you’re interested in reading or talking by clicking and typing in the white search bar and clicking the green ‘Search’ button. ‘Search’ can be found in the top right on every page of the forum. You will then see a list of posts made that include that key word.  
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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