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    It’s not always obvious how to write a post where you’re asking for help or support. Here’s some ideas: 

    • Be specific – if you have an issue you’re struggling with, it helps to say exactly which bit is difficult and the sort of help you’re after 
    • If you just need to unload and you’re not sure what would be helpful, that’s totally OK to say! 
    • If you just need some reassurance or encouragement (rather than advice or info), it can help to make this clear. Sometimes that’s all we need to pick ourselves up and keep going.  
    • Background information can be very helpful but be mindful not to share identifying details about yourself or others. If admins spot these, we will edit them out of your post (although we will leave the post up).  
    • If there’s something you’ve already tried to solve your problem, whether it worked or not, it can be useful to mention this so that users don’t suggest it again, as that can be frustrating for you 
    • Reading other people’s posts can be helpful to remind yourself you’re not alone and to see what’s worked for other people.
    • If you’d like to post about your situation but you’re worried about how other users will react, remember that everyone here will have felt that way and that it’s OK to ask for help. Reading your post could be really meaningful for someone else that’s struggling but hasn’t felt able to post yet.  
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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