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    When writing a post, you have a few different formatting options (on the strip above the text box) to make your post look a little different and perhaps emphasise what you’re trying to say. Here’s a quick explainer of some of the key ones you might use: 

    B = To make a section of your text bold, click the ‘B’, which will add an opening tag. You type the text you want to be bold after this, and then click it again to add the closing tag. You won’t be able to see it as bold until it’s posted and live on the forum.  

    I = This works in the same way as bold, but it makes your text italicised 

    Link = This allows you to link to a webpage (inside or outside of the forum). Clicking ‘Link’ opens a new window. Add the web address you are linking to under ‘URL’ and the text you’d like to form the link in ‘Link Test’. For example, if you wanted to link to Facebook, you might put https://www.facebook.com/ in ‘URL’, and the word ‘Facebook’ in ‘Link Text’. When you post, your text will be highlighted and underlined, to show it’s a link. If you tick the box by ‘Open link in a new tab’ then when someone clicks this link, it opens a new tab in their browser, rather than taking them away from the forum.  

    B-quote = If you would like to add a quote (which will then look like this paragraph) to your post, you can use this in the same way as bold and italic to add the quote and have it stand out from the rest of your post 

    IMG = If you want to link to an image, click this and put the URL for the image in the pop-up window. If you’re not sure the image will be well-received, don’t add it. This is especially true for violent or sexual imagery, which is never appropriate and could lead to you being blocked from the forum. Please also do not share images of yourself or people you know. Again, if this happens repeatedly, we may stop you from using the forum, for safety reasons.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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