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    To access your user profile, the account you use to post and reply on the forum, go to either ‘Profile’ in the green ribbon at the top of every page, or rest your mouse pointer over your username in the top right hand of the window (on the black strip).  

    In Home, you can view your recently visited areas of the forum and see which other users are online 

    In Activity, you have a few different options for seeing your activity on the forum.  


    • A place to post an ‘update’, like a status update in Facebook. This is visible to all other registered users of the forum. We will moderate these and may edit or delete them for safety reasons. However, they are not delayed like posts in the forum, and anything you post there will appear immediately. They will also not be visible to other forum users unless they check your profile themselves, so they are not the fastest way to communicate with other users! 
    • Underneath this is a list of posts, replies and updates made by you in the forum. You can filter these by type 


    • Other people can ‘mention’ you in their status updates by typing @[your user name]. You can also see these here, under mentions. You can reply to them and have a back-and-forth conversation. Again, this is visible to all other registered users of the forum. 

    ‘Favourites’ isn’t functional on our forum 

    Under Profile, you can view your publicly visible information (under View) – such as your username, and edit it (under Edit).  

    You have the option to change/upload a photo as a profile photo or cover image (the grey section at the top of your profile). Please do not do this, for safety reasons. The forum will randomly generate a patterned image for you.  

    In Notifications, you’ll get notifications here when people reply to your posts or when you are ‘mentioned’ in someone else’s status. They’ll be sorted into ‘read’ and ‘unread’ 

    Under Forums, you can see topics you’ve started in the forum, replies you’ve made in other topics, and engagements, which is a list of the topics you’ve made or replied to. 

    Finally, in Settings: 

    • General – change your password by entering your current password and your e-mail and then click ‘generate password’. You password will now be updated. You will receive an e-mail saying your password has changed, but not containing the password.  
    • E-mail notifications – you can set whether or not you receive e-mail notifications for interactions with other users in Updates (e.g. someone else comments on your update, or mentions you in their update). If you have any concerns that your e-mail may not be totally private, you will want to turn these off to ensure your safety because the e-mail wording will mention the name of the forum and this could put you at risk if it was visible to others.
    • Profile visibility settings – this is something you can’t change, it means that only your username is visible to visitors and users of the forum 
    • Export Data – if you would like a copy of your data from the forum, click ‘Request Personal Data Export’. This will send us a notification and we will e-mail you your data from the forum within two working days. 
    • Delete Account – you can delete your account here. This does not automatically delete your posts in the forum. If you wish for these to be deleted, please contact us at help@galop.org.uk and wait for our confirmation this has been done before you delete your account.
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