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    If you’re feeling really low and aren’t sure what to do, try some ‘emotional first-aid’. This is about taking care of basic needs that might have not been met because you’re going through a tough time. It can be hard to remember how best to look after ourselves sometimes. Here’s a list of some quick things you can do to get yourself back to ‘functioning’, so you can make it through: 

    • Drink water 
    • Check if you’ve missed any medication today 
    • If you normally have caffeine, check if you went without this morning 
    • Step outside and walk around for 5-15 minutes if you’ve not been out yet today 
    • Eat a small snack. It can be hard to realise we need food when we’re feeling really low
    • Have you washed yet today? Have a wash or put on fresh clothes. 
    • Take some time to cry 
    • If you haven’t spoken to anyone yet today, call or text someone you trust just to say a quick hello 
    • If you’ve only been around other people, ask for some alone time 

    Make your own list – you might have a very good idea of what you need each day to function. Put it somewhere that you can easily see and spend 5 minutes doing one or two items when you’re struggling. 

    Have you heard of emotional first-aid? How do you feel about treating an emotional struggle like we do physical ones? Is it helpful for you?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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