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National Helpline for LGBT+ Victims and Survivors of Abuse and Violence0800 999 5428

Email help@galop.org.uk


Speaking up about what is happening to you is a brave and positive step.

We will do our best to support you through this journey to a safe and happy future.

We also know that there will be ups and downs as you go through this journey. Days when you feel fine and can cope with everything. Other days when you are not feeling ok or even days when it feels very difficult to cope. We think it’s important to listen to yourself and acknowledge how you are feeling that day, and work with how you are, rather than how you think you are ‘supposed to be’.

You may be facing the impact in every aspect of your life from your relationships and friendships, to work, study, the ability to do everyday things, your physical and mental well-being, and your identity. If you have reported to the police, you may face a process which can be quite challenging.

Trauma symptoms might get worse during this time, such as sleep disturbances, lack of concentration, flashbacks, or feeling hyper-alert. Some people might feel the opposite: more disconnected and unable to concentrate or think about previous experiences.

These resources are for good days, bad days and days in-between. Not everything listed here will work for everyone; please feel free to pick and choose what suits you. This is your journey, your experience, feel free to try or dismiss anything.