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The Hidden Reality: How the Cost of Living Crisis is affecting LGBT+ victims and survivors of abuse and violence

Galop surveyed its frontline staff to investigate the ways the Cost of Living Crisis is impacting LGBT+ survivors of abuse, in the period since June 2022

100% of frontline staff surveyed reported that the unaffordable cost of housing and the unavailability of safe emergency accommodation are placing LGBT+ survivors at much more risk of abuse and harm.

The Cost of Living Crisis has created further barriers to accessing support and safety

88% of frontline staff surveyed are extremely or very concerned about their clients’ ability to access support and/or safety because of the cost of living crisis.

The Cost of Living Crisis is making it even harder for LGBT+ survivors to flee abuse

80% of frontline staff surveyed said the cost of living crisis is making it much harder for LGBT+ survivors to flee abuse.

Spending from Galop’s emergency fund between June and November 2022 is 227% higher than in the same period in 2021

“When asked what she can do for self-care that day, after going through a traumatic court hearing, the client replied that she’s ‘going to put the heating on for an hour’.” – Galop frontline worker