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Not Broken, Not Silent – Survivor Stories

In April 2021, we released a series of short films entitled “Not Broken, Not Silent” about LGBT+ people’s experiences of sexual violence.

As a community, we need spaces that allow those who’ve experienced sexual violence to talk openly, without fear of judgment and without being dismissed because of what was done to them, who they are or who they love.

These films were developed by amazing artists from the LGBT+ community, along with scripts rooted in what survivors shared with us, and voiced by members of our community.

We are so grateful to Blk Moody Boi, Mina OwenIsabel BarfodDandy DoodlezLinnéa HavilandRussell JohnLily Ash Sakula for their work and dedication, and would like to thank everyone who contributed their time, work and voice.

The opening piece in the #NotBrokenNotSilent series, this film focuses on intimate partner sexual violence, as experienced by LGBT+ people in a same-sex relationship.

Regardless of when or how it happened, sexual violence is wrong, and you deserve support.

This is what we want to achieve with the #NotBrokenNotSilent animations: for every LGBT+ survivor to know that they aren’t alone, that there is hope, and there is help.

As a support service by and for LGBT+ people, we’re here for you, whenever you need us.


Survivors of Same-Sex Sexual Assault

Not Broken, Not Silent - LBT+ survivors of sexual violence

Not Broken, Not Silent - survivor of child sexual abuse

Not Broken, Not Silent - non-binary survivor of intimate partner violence

Not Broken, Not Silent - resilience