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LGBT+ Experiences of Abuse from Family Members

We asked 5,000 LGBT+ people if they had experienced abuse from a family members or members. 29% said yes.

43% Trans and non-binary people surveyed had experienced higher levels of abuse from a family member or members.

5% of LGBT+ respondents had been subjected to so-called ‘conversion therapy’ through a family member attempting to change, ‘cure’ or suppress their sexual orientation
or gender identity.

60% of respondents who had experienced abuse from their family felt that their LGBT+ identity was either the main reason or part of the reason.

63% of LGBT+ people surveyed were under 18 when they first experienced abuse from their family.

31% of LGBT+ people surveyed were 18 or over when they first experienced abuse from their family. These people were more likely to feel that their LGBT+ identity was
related to the abuse than their younger counterparts.

The most common perpetrators of abuse against the LGBT+ people surveyed were parents – mothers (45%) and fathers (41%).

21% of the familial abuse victims surveyed had never told anyone about their experience.

The impact of familial abuse is substantial – 92% of respondents told us that it had a negative impact on them.

A significant number of victims who experienced abuse from their families think support would have been helpful, but did not, or were not able to access it. This includes advocacy (42%), practical assistance (40%), formal advice and information (38%) and therapeutic services (24%).