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Hi Palm Tree,

It sounds like you went through something no child or adult should have to face. If you would like information about the legal consequence of his behaviour you may find it helpful to talk to organisations whose expertises are in sexual abuse and violence. Survivors UK https://www.survivorsuk.org/ support and are knowledgable in men and non binary folks experiences of sexual abuse. Rape Crisis support and are knowledgable in womens’ experiences of sexual abuse and violence. Either may well be more able to advise about the legal consequence of your experience.

Below is a link to how the CPS cateogorise sexual offences. It might be helpful to read, although equally if you prefer talking to someone directly the above to suggestions may work more easily for you. https://www.cps.gov.uk/crime-info/sexual-offences

Wishing you all the best with your journey,

The Helpline Team