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@strong -it sounds really wrong to say I’m glad I’m not alone, but yeah, I know what you mean about knowing it’s not just you. Cause it really feels like its me that’s got the problem here and if I could just fix it things would be better. and when ther’es good times that makes it a lot more confusing, because then maybe it really is my problem and not hers and I’m being the difficult one or the sensitive one. the one that needs to change.

it’s funny you should say about the going on and on, my girlfirned can get a bit intense when there’s something she HAS to say. and any interruption is this MASSIVE issue even when she’s been talking and talking for ages and I’ve said nothing. like I’m a child or if she repeats herself enough i’ll get it and be what she wants me to be. But its so much work to try to be what she wants all that time.

she talks a lot about her previous relationships (with men) that were abusive and why that means she could never abuse someone, it would be impossible. i’d never really thought about that before, she just says it in passng.

stay strong too, strong 🙂