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LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline0800 999 5428

Conversion Therapy Helpline 0800 130 3335

LGBT+ Hate Crime Helpline 020 7704 2040

Policy, research and development

Galop provides an expert service run by LGBT+ people for LGBT+ people to overcome these barriers. Our services provide an immediate solution for those who are in need now. Our policy, research, and development work provides the long term solutions for our community.

Through our work directly with survivors, we identify patterns of abuse and can see the needs of our community. We use this insight to develop evidence bases through research. We produce key pieces of research into LGBT+ people’s experiences and needs around abuse and violence. We also research provision for LGBT+ people in the UK and highlight the lack of specialist services.

We use this evidence to influence policy change at national and local levels to reduce barriers for survivors and decrease perpetration. This feeds into the experiences of our community and those we support.

We work with national and local policy makers to ensure that the needs of LGBT+ people facing abuse and violence are taken into account within legislation, commissioning, professional guidance, and other key decisions. This includes work with Government, the police and criminal justice service, police and crime commissioners, independent commissioners, and victims’ services.

We provide training, information, and support to victims’ services to increase and improve the services available to LGBT+ people experiencing abuse and violence in the UK. This includes working with LGBT+ organisations and community groups, non-specialist support services, and anyone else who may come into contact with members of our community.

We work to ensure that LGBT+ people understand the nature of abuse, their rights, and how to seek support should anything happen to them.

LGBT+ Experiences of Abuse from Family Members

For our latest report, we asked 5,000 LGBT+ people if they had experienced abuse from a family members or members. 29% said yes.

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Our research and guidance

LGBT+ Experiences of Abuse from Family Members

Our report on familial abuse

LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Service Provision Mapping Study

Our report on LGBT+ domestic abuse service availability in the UK.

The Use of Sexual Violence as an Attempt to Convert or Punish LGBT+ People in the UK

Our report into the use of sexual violence within "conversion" practices in the UK

Domestic abuse: Recognise and Respond

Our report on the provision of services for LGBT+ domestic abuse victims and survivors in the UK

LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Service Provision Mapping Study

Our report for the Domestic Abuse Commissioner's Office on LGBT+ domestic abuse provision

Domestic abuse: Commissioning for Inclusion

Our guide for commissioners looking at provision of LGBT+ domestic abuse services

Domestic abuse: LGBT+ People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse: a report on Galop’s domestic abuse advocacy service

A study of Galop's LGBT+ specialist domestic abuse service

Domestic abuse: LGBT+ priorities for the Domestic Abuse Bill

A summary of the priorities for LGBT+ victims and survivors in the UK in reference to the Domestic Abuse Bill

Domestic abuse: Domestic Abuse Bill briefing (third reading)

Our briefing for the third reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill

Shadow Pandemic: a domestic abuse learning partnership

The Shadow Pandemic is a domestic abuse strategic learning partnership to share expertise following the Covid-19 pandemic

Hate crime: Hate Crime Report 2021

Our latest report into LGBT+ experiences of hate crime

Hate crime: Online Hate Crime Report 2020

Our latest report into the state of anti-LGBT+ hate crime online

Hate crime: Transphobic Hate Crime Report 2020

Our latest report into trans people's experiences of hate crime

Hate crime: Hate Crime Report 2019

Our state of the nation report into anti-LGBT+ hate crime in 2019

Hate crime: Law Commission consultation submission

Our submission to the Law Commission review into hate crime legislation

Ban Conversion Therapy Consultation Submission

Our submission to the Ban Conversion Therapy consultation