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LGBT+ people’s experiences of domestic abuse

Galop is proud to launch a new report – LGBT+ people’s experiences of domestic abuse.

The report provides analysis of 626 cases reported to Galop between January 2013 and August 2017 that were domestic abuse related.

Key findings highlight:

  • LGBT+ victims/survivors share similar types of domestic abuse as their heterosexual/
  • cisgender peers, but their experiences often differ because their sexuality and gender identity.
  • LGBT+ victims/survivors disclosing domestic abuse often report multiple vulnerabilities as a result of their sexual orientation, gender identity, physical/mental ill health or substance abuse.
  • The majority of LGBT+ victims/survivors disclosed domestic abuse from intimate ‘same-sex’ partners, though a significant proportion reported abuse from family members, particularly younger victims/survivors, those from black and minority ethnic communities and trans men.
  • Nearly two-thirds of victims/survivors identified as a gay, bisexual and/or transgender male and the majority were abused by a male perpetrator.
  • Over four-fifths of lesbian women disclosed abuse from a female perpetrator.

The report also outlines a set of recommendations which call for the continued need for specialist LGBT+ services and for services to acknowledge and recognise unique experiences of LGBT+ victims/survivors of domestic abuse.

The Chief Executive of Galop, Nik Noone stated: “I am delighted that through the support of the Lloyds Foundation Galop is able to publish this landmark report. The key findings provide a unique insight into the nature of abuse as experienced by LGBT+ survivors accessing Galop’s domestic abuse advocacy service. Our ambition is that this report informs, raises awareness, and provides a deeper understanding of the experiences of LGBT+ victims and survivors of domestic violence.”

The Chief Executive of Stonewall Housing, Bob Green stated: “Stonewall Housing is proud to support this ground-breaking report by Galop. It is essential reading because it highlights the different experiences of domestic abuse within the LGBT+ communities. Presenting the experiences of people supported by one LGBT+ charity dramatically shows the need for more specialist services that can respond to the needs of all of our communities.”

The report was produced within the framework of Galop’s Recognise & Respond project, funded under the Lloyds Bank Foundation Transform Program and delivered in partnership with Stonewall Housing

LGBT+ people’s experiences of domestic abuse

Read our report by clicking below

LGBT+ People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse: a report on Galop’s domestic abuse advocacy service