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National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 999 5428

LGBT+ Hate Crime Helpline 020 7704 2040

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@Openeyes and @tulipany – thank you for your posts. They both contain such clear, impactful accounts of the abuse you each experienced and why abuse can be so hard to see, make sense of and escape from. Being made to feel like you were at fault and to continually doubt your own experience is such a big part of it, and such a harmful one – it keeps survivors trapped and it can affect them long after the abuse has been left behind.

You’ve both mentioned dealing with the after affects of the abuse from your partner, it’s impact on your mental health and the lack of resolution in some ways. If you want to reach out to the helpline directly (0800 999 5428 / help@galop.org.uk), telling us a little about where you live, we would be happy to look for local services that might be able to support you in your healing and leaving this behind.