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Friday: Double Biology - Get me the *!@# out of here!

Pick a character + control thier actions

Pick Me Your Friends The Teacher

Do you...?

Swear Walk out Do nothing Talk to the teacher

What happens next

I will not tolerate this behaviour Maybe you should think about why it bothers you Do nothing

Choose your mates' reaction

I'm not getting involved What's your problem? It's none of your business!

Busted! Go to the head of year!

Oh no! You've been sent to the head of year...

I'm always here if you need support There is a zero tolerance policy on discrimination in this school If you present yourself more normally aand less androgynously, then people aren't going to make fun!?

Saturday Morning - rubbish

Saturday Morning - ok

Off to the shops...

But what can I do?


You've found the perfect outfit - Just need to try it on...

What Now..?!

Leave with nothing Buy without trying on I'm a customer with a protected characteristic! Your mum's in the wrong changing room!


Saturday night, at the party...

You're cool. Don't worry about them.

Saturday night: Full of promise...

Shall we go out back, just the 2 of us, eh?

I don't care about gender, it's who you are!

the morning after the night before

!*! Grannys's birthday!!

Mum, dad, lucy...I'm trans

What happens next? You decide...

Don't cause a scene, OK?! It's about time!

What do people do to cope?


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